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Emotional Regulation Group

Anxiety and worry is a big problem with children today causing low self esteem, depression, apathy, and poor academic performance.  This group will help children develop the self-regulation strategies needed to keep their minds grounded and focused.  Therapists will lead children through mindfulness exercises and teach strategies to help them get back to doing life without anxiousness.

Social Skills Group

Social Skills groups help children develop the skills and practice role playing, positive social interactions with peers and social competence.  This group will improve your child’s ability to socialize with other children through social stories and group scenarios. Social stories and group scenarios help children to model appropriate social interaction. The class objectives include turn taking, playing cooperatively, conversational skills, following directions, and interrupting appropriately. Good social language skills also improve children’s academic performance, help them emotionally and get them involved actively in the community.

Picky Eaters Group

Is your child a picky eater? Is it picky eating, or do you think there may be more to it? In this small group setting we will eat food and play with food. Some children are just picky eaters, but others have underlying problems with weakness, difficulty chewing, and a sensory aversion. This group is led by an Occupational Therapist specializing in feeding problems. We are also offering classes for parents to learn strategies for feeding the picky eater.

Life Skills Group

​Our Life Skills classes are open to teens and young adults that are appropriate for a group class setting.  These are often teens and young adults who have graduated or preparing to graduate from individual therapy sessions.  A licensed Occupational Therapist teaches hands on practical activities of daily living and participants are given home lessons for the week regarding cooking, baking, cleaning, folding laundry, using a washer/dryer, building a resume, and job interview skills.

Exercise Workout Group

Our workout group is for teens or young adults that are not quite independent with exercises or using exercise equipment.  Often, participants have graduated from individual PT or OT and are still desiring physical activity. Especially with the changes in availability of exercise space due to COVID-19, these classes allow our participants to focus on their health and stress relief during very exciting years of their lives.

Developmental Play Group

This group looks like fun! Everything about this group is designed to encourage your child’s development of motor skills and sensory motor integration. The Developmental Play Group is designed to facilitate optimal development of each child through the delivery of individualized early intervention services in a safe and supportive small group environment. It is ideal for ages 0-5 years.  This group ensures a strong developmental foundation and successful early start.

Handwriting Success Group

Handwriting Success utilizes the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum developed by Jan Olsen. The curriculum focuses on introducing the alphabet in a developmentally appropriate sequence using hands-on and multi sensory resources. The Handwriting Success group offers challenging and fun interaction where children build a strong foundation for writing and good writing habits.  Handwriting Success benefits students PreK-Grade 6 needing to develop good motor and coordination skills, letter forms, cursive skills and build a strong foundation for writing.




Parent classes will be offered monthly to facilitate discussion among caregivers and licensed professionals about questions regarding development. This will be a more informal question and answer session to ask questions and get advice.


Mommy and Me classes will incorporate topics and themes such as motor development, communication, feeding, sleep, yoga, massage, and music. These classes will range from birth to 3 years old.



Stay tuned for updates on camp scheduling for Summer 2022-2023